About Us

Rebel Femme is an international online magazine started by young American/Canadian entrepreneur & #girlboss, Monique Lapointe

It is an online magazine where we will be talking about fashion, beauty & a unique catagory called “For the Ladies”. We have writers in major cities such as London, Milan, New York, LA & of course Paris. We will be talking about current fashion & beauty trends, informing everyone about upcoming brands & designers, covering street style & shows from all 4 fashion weeks and so much more. And thats only covering our fashion & beauty catagories. 

As I just mentioned, we have a new catagory called “for the ladies”. This new catagory will be exactly what it sounds like “FOR THE LADIES”. We will be talking about body empowerment, girls supporting girls, important issues going on in the world right now for women. And not only that, but we will also we talking about more nitty & gritty topics. We will be talking about love, safe sex, periods, body changes, pregnancy, birth control and so much more. 

These are topics that sometimes women magazines like to skip over or they “censor” the articles meaning that they make everything seem so simple & that it’s all just sunshine and rainbows. It’s not relatable and our main mission with these aritcles are to make them as relatable and to inform as many women as I can. These are topics that need to be talked about and we can’t “sugarcoat” them. 

We chose the name “Rebel Femme” because this website is for women like ourselves who are unique indiviuals, rebelling against the norms & daring to be different.

Thank you,

Rebel Femme Team