Rebel Femme’s fashion must-haves for summer ’19

Happy summer Rebel Femmes! Ah yes, it’s finally hot enough outside to wear those cute mini dresses you’ve had hidden in your closet all winter and show off your amazing figure in a sexy swimsuit.

Looking to step up your fashion game and invest in some trendy pieces for the hot months ahead but are unsure where to start or even what to buy? No worries because we have you covered! Our editors have put together the ultimate #fashionista list of our favourite must-have items for summer 2019!


  • Photos by: Nitsan Raiter, Kat Hsu, Michelle Infusino

    Remember in the ’90s when everyone wore those butterfly clips? Well, they may not be butterflies, but in 2019 we are bringing back the hair clip trend. All over social media recently we’ve seen fashion bloggers sporting the cutest clips. From pearls to diamonds, thick to thin, it’s becoming the biggest trend of the year!

    Hair clips are a MUST for this summer. Not only are they a cute and easy way to accessorize, but they come in super handy for keeping your hair out of your face during this time of the year.


  • Photos by: Kylie Jenner, Kristen RitchieEmma Leger

    We would have never thought to wear a cow pattern bathing suit until we saw Kylie Jenner rocking one earlier this year. Now, it seems like the world can’t get enough. It’s all about that zebra, leopard or cheetah print!



  • Photos by: Danielle BernsteinJessica Wang, Kristen Bousquet

    Another big trend we’ve seen big companies such as Revolve & Asos promote for the summertime is lemon and cherry patterned pieces. Whether it be dresses, tops, silk scarves or swimsuits, this is definitely the most playful trend for the summertime.

    Patterened pieces, much like bright colours, are a great way to make a statement and turn some heads (in a good way!).



  • Photos by: Lizbeth Hernandez, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian-West

    If your style is more street than girly, you probably won’t be interested in wearing a lemon patterned shirt (don’t worry, we understand! Everyone’s style is unique and different). That’s why as an alternative we think denim knee-length cut off’s are the perfect street style trend for the warmer season.

    Kim Kardashian-West and Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing these new, longer denim shorts and if Mrs West is wearing it, it must be trendy, right?

    You can easily dress up or down these shorts. Try pairing it with heels and a lace bodysuit for date night or maybe with sneakers and a vintage tee for running errands. Either way, these shorts will definitely make any outfit look #fire.



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