The ultimate guide to healthier hair!

Damaged hair? Dry strands? Split ends? Frizzy and untamable locks? We’ve all been there and it’s so annoying! As we are transitioning from Spring to Summer, this is the best moment to stop and take care of your overworked hair before it’s time to be in the sun and sea all day.

Now, sing along with us “we got 99 problems but the hair ain’t one!” because our Rebel Femme team has selected the best, top hair care products that won’t break the bank.

Whatever your hair type is, straight, thin, wavy, curly, coiled, coloured or frizzy, these 100% personally tested Holy grail hair products do their job for real! What can we say, seeing is believing. From shampoos to leave-in masks and lotions, those miracle workers are here to really transform your hair. To become healthier, smoother, thicker, stronger and glossier again, from roots to ends, thanks to deep detoxifying natural ingredients, nourishing oils, moisturizing light formulas, and more.

This RF guide is very easy to follow and there are just two rules:

  1.  Really care for your hair, like you care for your partner, friends and loved ones, in terms of consistency, commitment, love, time, dedication (and a just little trim, eventually).
  2. Adopt the proper hair care routine and stick to it! Use the best products, mentioned below, the right brushes, made with materials such as boar, ceramic or/and nylon, and select not-so-hot temperature to dry your hair, finishing with a cool blow.

Read on, ladies, TLC and hair care products shopping are waiting for you!


Cleanse, detox, massage, repair, hydrate and nourish are the magic words accompanied by natural ingredients and parabens/sulphates free formulas, in order to enhance the best hair fiber restoration. C’mon, let’s get healthy!



    These amazing after-shampoo products represent your allies as they deeply moisturize each strand, preventing split ends, and giving hair extra protection from pollutant agents and excessive heat, preventing future damage.


    Leave-in treatments:

    Don’t forget your weekly best date brushes and leave-in masks and sprays, because they assure the deepest restoration and hydration,  pampering hair fibres from within, and delivering the best looking hair.

  • Oils:

    Used as the best finisher before styling (or as an overnight or pre-shampoo treatment too), few drops of hair oils, best when their main ingredients are camellia, argan, bamboo and more, will show your hair the way to perfection, as they control frizz, define curls, nourish and minimize split ends, gifting your hair real lustre and health!

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