Contemporary jewellery brands we are obsessed with (and you will be too!)

Jewels and diamonds are a girls’ best friend, right? Rings, necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, head and body jewels, anklets and more accessories come in every size, shape, design, and material. From ancient tribes to our contemporary society, there’s the same reason of wearing jewels: to express power, social status and to show off your personality. These accessories beautifully adorn our body parts and silently reveal so much about our identity, delivering clear, (un)conscious, non-verbal messages.  

Oh, we love jewels. Actually, we are so obsessed with them, that we took our curious, hungry eyes on an aesthetic journey and we selected cool, contemporary and affordable brands, to inspire you, ladies!

Bjørg Jewellery

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This incredible jewellery brand based in Denmark was founded in 2004 by Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, contrasting balance of feelings and elements related to warm and cold seasons, the geography of the body, and captivating textures. All products are represented by a perfect blend of the past and present, raw materials and precious gemstones, cold and warm materials, geometrical and organic shapes, bold and delicate designs, a rough and refined sense of aesthetics. Bronze, silver, gold-plating, pearls and beautiful stones are the main natural materials used to create these contemporary accessories, which are totally handmade and manufactured in a sustainable and ethical process, in order to be respectful to the environment. 

Bjørg Jewellery celebrates visionary universe, perfect imperfections, uniqueness and carry poetical, modern symbols with their Scandinavian deep soul. This brand is also loved by famous artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lykke Li, and many more.

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Patricia Nicolás

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Spanish designer Patricia Nicolás launched her jewellery brand in 2007, with one specific vision: to “have fun in everything you do!”. Indeed, Patricia Nicolás products are a symbol of a high level of creativity, dynamism, ‘joie de vivre’, fantasy, surrealistic beauty, bizarre aesthetic and a perfect mix of art and fashion. A voyage into/towards incredible positive vibes, empowered by a perfect a blend of Spanish culture and British style in order to push the boundaries. She finds true inspiration in nature, the marine world, constellations, planets, details of the human body such as eyes, lips, fingers, and she is also influenced by powerful icons such as Pablo Picasso and Frida Khalo.

Jewels don’t have to be made of expensive materials in order to be beautifully worn, and Patricia Nicolás clearly proofs that by using resin, acrylics, wood, gold plating, and perspex. She creates handmade, unique laser cut accessories everyone wants to wear!

Moreover, this label has built strong collaborations with important companies, and it’s attracting a raising success, plus her designs have been worn by celebrities like Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung, just to mention few artists. So, if you are looking for risk-taking different jewels, you now have the right name.

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Ania Haie

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Ania Haie is a British based jewellery label founded in 2018, which became instantly successful. Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are passionately created to express minimal, chic, timeless style and individuality. Every collection is focused on specific contemporary fashion trends of the moment, thus wearing Ania Haie jewellery is the epitome of a luxurious feel and effortless modernity.

All the products are manufactured by using 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating, 14 karats yellow gold plating and 14 karats rose gold plating, in order to enhance great quality, nicely flirting with woman’s ear lobes, neck, wrists and fingers. Details, layers, hints of coloured stones, delicate chains, and sophisticated design ensure a fashionable appeal, perfect from morning to night, from work to party!

Ania Haie accessories have captured so many hearts, and you will be the next because…how can you resist such beautiful jewellery?

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Lili Claspe

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Designer Stephie Tchamanian launched Lili Claspe jewellery brand in 2011, in Southern California. This label was named after her late sister Lisa, who was always dubbed as ‘Lili’ (pronounced “Lee-Lee”) by Stephie, in order to keep her memory alive. Every piece is created with a full immersion into the magic world of emotions and the vital love for self, as the pivotal source of inspiration.

Lili Claspe’s mission is to create charming accessories to enhance female body curves, personal style and individuality, embracing unique, timeless, stylish and modern style, suitable for all women! Every inch of the body is welcomed to wear beautiful creations, consisting of a wide range of accessories: necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets. Plus, amazing body jewellery too.

Lili Claspe products are handmade by using 14 karat gold plated brass, rhodium plating, stones, pearls, opalescent Swarovski crystals and numerous type of chains. These accessories are so hot, that you will immediately want to buy them all!

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Photo credits by: Bjørg Jewellery, Patricia Nicolás, Ania Haie, Lili Claspe

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