Rebel Femme’s monthly must-haves​: March

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising, the sun stays out longer and we are fastly approaching springtime.

As we transition from winter and blossom into March, we have put together a list of products for fashion, beauty, FTL (for the ladies) and books that are perfect for this March!

Fashion :

Clear Bags

Clear bags were all the rave this past fashion month. It seemed as if everyone who was anyone was wearing one. Stay ahead of the trends and get yourself a stylish new bag. And if clear isn’t exactly your ‘vibe’, go for a neon transparent bag!

  • Colourful Pant Suit

    It’s time to add a little bit of colour into your everyday work attire. A coloured pantsuit is the perfect mix of a bold, playful yet empowering look to make you exert that confident, radiant personality of yours through your fit!

  • Beauty :

    Rose Oil

    If you’re someone who has struggled with dry skin all throughout winter, rose oil will become your new best friend this month!

    Not only does rose oil make your skin smell like you just walked throughout a beautiful garden, but it’s also extremely hydrating.

  • For The Ladies:

    A sexy yet comfy PJ set

    Hibernation season is almost over and it’s time for us ladies to retire our sweats and hoodies for a PJ look that is a little less warm but about ten degrees sexier. 😉

    It’s important that once and a while you put on a sexy/comfy little number just for yourself. Remember, if you go to sleep feeling good you are going to wake up feeling even better and your sleeping attire should represent that!

  • Books:

    Spring Cleaning Book

    Have you been hoarding receipts, papers, water bottles, old clothes and shoes that don’t even fit any more in all over your apartment? If so, you’re not alone and we all have been there! If you are looking to start your spring cleaning a little early this year and need some motivation + tips & advice, you should check out a book all about tidying up.





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