My Sister the Serial Killer Book Review

Author: Oyinkan Braithwaite
Title: My Sister, the Serial Killer
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Date of Publication: 2018

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You and your sister are in the kitchen, smothering laughter and surreptitiously shoving Aunt Mildred’s terrible pumpkin pie further into the trash can, when your boyfriend walks in. He notices your covert operation, and begins to thank you for getting rid of that “awful stuff”. Suddenly, Aunt Mildred’s pumpkin pie is your favourite food and you find yourself defending the bland orange dish. Only family can criticize it!

Oyinkan Braithwaite perfectly captures the tension of standing up for your family, even when they make terrible pie— except in her main character Korede’s case, it’s much worse than pie. Ayoola, Korede’s beautiful younger sister, has a string of dead boyfriends behind her, and it’s only Korede’s practical cleaning skills and quick thinking from her training as a nurse that have kept Ayoola out of trouble so far. But when Ayoola catches the eye of the doctor Korede has been pining after, Korede is forced to choose who to protect.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s dynamic debut novel reads faster than the flash of Ayoola’s knife, and cuts deeper into the marrow of complicated family dynamics— a perfect escape from your own family drama! 

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this novel and recommend curling up with it the next cold winter’s night you have free.

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