‘The Bookworm’ Holiday Gift Guide

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We’ve all got that one friend who walks around with her nose in a book, who has her library alphabetized and sorted by subject, and who always knows which books are the latest hits. When you haven’t sat down with a real book in ages, how can you find her a present? Don’t worry— we’ve found the best collection of literary presents to warm any bookworm’s heart.


  • Everyone knows reading next to a warm fire is the best, and for those of us without fireplaces, candles make a great replacement!


  • Any true bookworm is running out of shelf space, and needs help corralling her collection.

    Book Lamp

  • This lamp is disguised as a hardcover book, and is perfect for reading under the covers.

    Vintage Books

  • Your favourite bookworm doesn’t have any more room for books, but she also won’t be able to resist a rare or vintage book that shows you did more than pop into Barnes & Noble.

    Book Tote Bags

  • She needs something to lug her latest library finds home in!

    Literary Jewelry

  • Help her proudly display her love for books!



  • To block out all the people trying to interrupt reading time!

    Armed with this list, you’ll be able to win the heart of any bookworm in your life!




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