Simple Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

What seems like the most wonderful time of the year may actually bring dread and defeat to many of those who struggle to put food on the table and pay bills all year around.

The holidays are a great time to remind yourself that small acts of kindness can improve the outlook of those around you. The cliché “it’s the little things” truly applies when showing those who help your everyday life that you value their work. We’ve compiled a list a small contributions that are easy to weave into your busy holiday schedule:

1. Leave your mail man cookies

Snail mail is a lost art, support your patrons of the arts!

2. Serve a holiday meal at a homeless shelter

Hot food is luxury many don’t enjoy regularly.

3. Write your coworkers Christmas cards

The art of handwritten note gives a personalised touch that goes beyond a text or email.

4. Go to an elderly persons home and play board games with them

Loneliness plagues many during the holiday season, especially for those who live away from their families or in the isolation of assisted living. Bring some of your youthful spirit to these people who many give you some wise advice in return.

5. Donate blood

A quick and easy way to save a life.

6. Organize a canned soup drive in your neighborhood

Add a few canned items to your grocery cart for a good cause and ask your friends and family to do the same. When everyone contributes a little, it becomes a lot.

7. Donate your luscious locks

Need a hair style change? The holidays are a perfect time to spruce up your look with a haircut – go big or go home by donating 10 inches or longer to hair donation organisation company.

There are plenty of other simple ways to give back during the holidays that don’t even require you to go beyond your usual schedule – shoot a text to that friend you haven’t connected with in a while. Finally, tell the people you care about just how much you appreciate them in your lives – the holidays are about getting sentimental so don’t be a stranger to your feelings, get sappy and make someone’s day.

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