Cora: The Ethical Period Subscription Box We’re Obsessing Over

Written By : Monique Lapointe ~

Let me set the scene: you’re lying in bed, late at night, watching one of your favourite shows, eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. All of the sudden, you get up to use the bathroom and discover that your period decided to make an early appearance this month! Running around your apartment looking for a pad or tampon, you come to the realisation that you were supposed to buy some tomorrow on your grocery run. Now, you must either find another solution or drive yourself to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy in your sweatpants to buy some overpriced tampons. This is a situation that many of us ladies have been in far too many times. 

Periods are extremely unpredictable! Sometimes they last three days, sometimes more than a week. Some days we are bloated and other days we are as light as a feather. We can experience what looks like a crime scene in our panties to barely any spotting. This is why, when it comes to the proper equipment for our periods such as pads, tampons, underwear liners and cleaning wipes, us women tend to over- or under-buy and pay extremely inflated prices for something we physically need every month. 

I always want to be prepared for that time of the month, so I decided it was time to consider getting a period subscription box.

Yes, for everyone questioning if they read that correctly: period subscription boxes are real, and one particular brand is really outdoing themselves: Cora. 

And before anyone asks, no, this post was not sponsored by Cora— but that doesn’t mean we aren’t obsessed with what they’re doing.

Cora is a brand founded by a female and male duo, Molly and Morgan. The idea behind this brand was to create a unique monthly subscription box, tailored to your specific needs for your period. Each box can be filled with either pads, applicator and applicator free tampons, bladder pads, underwear liners, or body cloths. 

When starting off your subscription, you are given a month-long free trial. To figure out which box best suits your needs, you are asked a series of questions. For example: do you use tampons or pads? What type of tampon do you use? What type of pads do you use? How many days does your period typically last? How heavy is your flow? Once all these questions are answered, they will give you an example of a box tailored to you. Afterwards, you can either add or delete anything you wish to not receive monthly and check out! 

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The average monthly price for one box is around eleven United States dollars, but can range anywhere from three to seventeen dollars. They also pay for the sales tax on each product so we do not have to. The forward-thinking brand also sends you a three-month supply all at once— and you do not need to sign a year subscription contract. Meaning that if at any point you are unsatisfied, you can cancel your subscription. 

What makes Cora different from many other monthly period boxes is their cause and the charity work they do. With every Cora box you purchase, they give a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need. Over 300 million girls use rags to manage their periods. One in four girls in India drop out of school once they reach puberty. More than 70% of Indian girls cannot afford menstrual supplies. Period poverty is a real issue globally, so we can’t help but love Cora for helping girls in need receive the proper equipment and education for period care. 

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Next time you are in the period-care aisle at the pharmacy, staring at overpriced period products, remember that there are more than a few stuffy supermarket options for us out there. 

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